Treatments and therapies


Facial treatments

Energy and shine from Thalion                         40 min       42.00 BGN
/Exfoliates, removes dirt and toxins, stimulates microcirculation to keep your skin shine, improves cell breathing and stimulates cell renewal./

Instant Lifting, Tightening from Thalion         45 min       50.00 BGN
/ A new and intensive professional solution for combating wrinkles and sagging sagging skin. Fills wrinkles, smoothes and visibly reduces the signs of aging. Includes a patented rejuvenating massage for which it relaxes the skin and erases wrinkles. Results: the person regains his original youth../

Luminous face massage                                      25 min      35.00 BGN
/With essential oil - extremely suitable for skin exposed to stress and polluted environment. It acts anti-inflammatory, regenerates collagen and elastin./

The art of massage

Classical massage

/ Eliminates accumulated fatigue from a sedentary lifestyle, as well as chronic back and lower back pain. Massage enhances blood circulation and the activity of the nervous system. /
- full-body                                              50 min.       60.00 BGN
            - partial
                                                   25 min.       40.00 BGN

Aroma massage with oil of your choice / lavender, Japanese cherry, jasmine, white tea, coconut and vanilla, citrus, rose and others /                                                         45 min.      60.00 BGN


/ The classic AROMA massage has a wonderful relaxing and restorative agent. AROMA massage uses essential oils that are believed to have healing properties. These oils are concentrated essences extracted from the flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves and bark of some plants./

Exfoliating care

 Strawberry, Champagne and Cream             20 min.      40.00 BGN
/ The fragrant combination of strawberry and cream leaves a feeling of youth, freshness. Microcrystalline salts gently remove dead cells from the skin and allow the skin to breathe./

Gold                                                                    20 min.     40.00 BGN
/Gold particles have rejuvenating properties for the skin. The micro salt particles gently remove the dead top layer of the skin and improve its respiration, leaving micro gold particles on the skin. Suitable for every skin type. Leaves a wonderful feeling of freshness and restores softness./

Body treatments

Golden Body Therapy + Face Mask                40 min.     50.00 BGN
/A unique combination of velvet massage oil and small particles of 24-carat gold. /

Argan therapy for body and face

/ Immerse yourself in the captivating Moroccan magic with an effective beautifying and rejuvenating facial treatment and with argan oil /                                                                      45 min.     60.00 BGN

Massage with volcanic stones                           50 min.     70.00 BGN
                                                                             25 min.     40.00 BGN
/ Therapeutic stones have great healing power. They relax muscles and joints and improve blood circulation. After the volcanic stone massage you will feel relaxed and recharged with energy, so do not miss the opportunity to give yourself this magical pleasure./

Therapy with volcanic mud                             25 min.      40.00 BGN
/Removes tension in the muscles, distracts the feeling of fatigue, warmly warms the body and relaxes it./

Therapy "Wine and Grapes"                          45 min.      60.00 BGN
/Therapy makes the skin silky soft, moisturized and elastic. During the therapy, the aroma of wine ingests the mind and raises the mood. Since ancient times wine has been known as the elixir of life./

Massage with honey                                          25 min.      40.00 BGN
/It purifies the body from toxins, strengthens the immune system, eliminates stress and tension./